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We are NOT a payday loan lender. This offer is NOT for payday loans. We do NOT provide tax advice. We do NOT provide credit repair. We DO provide you with free education and information about Debt Relief and we DO provide payday loan debt relief referral services in accordance with federal and state laws. Shall you decide to enroll in to a Debt Relief Service, as a 3rd party, we will help align you with a verified DEBT RELIEF SERVICE PROVIDER to perform such service(s). Debt Relief Services are not available in all states and fees may vary from state to state. There are no minimum program terms, however, in order to provide the highest chance of success, programs are typically limited to no longer than 24 to 48 months. Additionally, since we are not a lender we do not charge any interest on your balance. The goal of the program is to get you out of debt for less than what you owe, so once you include all program fees and costs, since the total amount is typically less than what you owed, the programs essentially have a 0% APR. Here is an example of the representative cost of the total program which includes target negotiated payments, and all program fees: A client with $6,000 worth of debt that elects a 12 month program will pay a total of $4,728 over the course of the 12 month program. This includes all negotiated pay-offs, and all program fees. Results may vary depending on account history and clients ability to follow through on the financial plan. Fees for Debt Relief Services are charged only after 1) a settlement, reduction or a change in the terms of each debt has occurred, 2) there is a written agreement in place and 3) at least one payment has been made to that creditor. We do NOT provide legal advice. If you have concerns about legal actions that lenders or their collection agents, you should contact a lawyer.

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